Avengers: Endgame – A “fitting” closing chapter of Marvel’s 11-year saga


Avengers: Infinity War ending left people hanging with no clue about what next in Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Exactly a year later, in a form of a ‘love letter’, Endgame is Marvel’s emotional 3-hour response to worldwide audiences, marking an end of the MCU era.

Endgame obviously is Marvel’s greatest hit so far following by 21 movies throughout 11-year building up. Its plot unveils what happened after the Snap in Infinity War, highlighting the loss of Avengers at the beginning, which is why the 1st hour of the movie is a little bit heavy and slow, then brings on a ‘class reunion’ for one last whatever-it-takes battle.

We all knew the Snap at the end of Infinity War took half of the universe away, left the other half, especially alive Avengers, desperate. All hopes were lost until Captain Marvel appeared. But that only tiny hope soon to be faded when Thor decided to aim for the head. All stones had already been destroyed and so their faith.

They are not the superheroes they used to be. No more “I could do this all day”, “on your left” or “the sun is going down”, only heavy heart hidden behind those forced smiles, heartless looks, and drunk jokes. From hero, they fell back to zero, every one of them but Iron Man. In the middle of losing everything, he found a home with Pepper. They have an adorable daughter. Retired from protecting the world, which comes as no surprise, he took a step back to shelter his family.

But that’s not how the game ended. Ant-Man, literally out of nowhere, brings the beats back to Avengers choir namely ‘Time Heist’ and that’s how the ‘class’ reunited. This hopeful yet insane and risky idea could be undone if Iron Man chose not to all in but eventually he did because if he didn’t, it would never calm his mind. “I can’t help everybody,” Tony said, “It sort of seems like you can… Tony, trying to get you to stop has been one of the few failures of my entire life,” Pepper responded.

Once again, they teamed up to undo Thanos’ snap. Many things happened during their time travel. There are a lot of controversial discussions about the plot holes at this point and at the end of the movie, I will share about it later in this article. And while Captain America got the ‘funniest’ trip to the past with American ass joke, it’s a heartbreaking moment to watch Black Widow trade her live for soul stone. It’s getting even sadder when you found out other core Avengers all had a fine ending but her.

Back to the Time Heist, all the stones collected. Hulk snapped and everything was back. The snap was supposed to bring the curtain down, turned out it was the beginning of the craziest and largest battle. And that’s how the most classic superhero fighting scene – Avengers Assemble was born.

Avengers Assemble: “Universe’s biggest army vs Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” 

I didn’t expect any Marvel scene could top Thor entrance in Wakanda from Infinity War but Endgame definitely proves me I-Am-Dead-Wrong. Endgame is not full of battle scenes like Infinity War, the movie tends to focus on the storyline of the core Avengers crew. Avengers Assemble was probably the only fighting scene throughout the 3-hour movie but that scene alone was truly worth the 11-year wait. 21 movies were built up just to led to this epic finale. 

If Thor stole the show in Infinity War with “Bring me Thanos!”, this time the spotlight is on Captain America. The moment he lifted Thor’s hammer got the whole cinema carried away but since I bias Thor so I tried to stay calm LOL. But when that man was about to go up against Thanos’ whole army, all by himself, with a broken shield. That the moment I gotta say “Damn, he is totally worthy!”

I thought he was going to be smashed by Thanos and the whole cinema was on silent mode because it was getting so intense. But that mode didn’t last long when Sam’s voice popped up “On your left” and we totally lost it, joyfully. Many portals opened and we knew the battle between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes vs Universe biggest army was about to happen. And it’s such a glorious and goosebump moment to hear Captain America yelling “AVENGERS…..ASSEMBLE!!!”, yes, we already won 🙂

The scene itself cannot be that iconic if Marvel didn’t use Alan Silvestri’s music. Portals completely nailed it to create such a spectacular vibe. I love watching superhero movies but it never crossed my mind that they should be nominated at the Oscar, especially the Best Picture category. However, with Portals, Alan Silvestri absolutely deserves an Oscar for Best Original Score. He is utterly a great composer. I can picture this whole legendary scene just to listen to his music.

The battle, however, needs to come to an end. Russo Brothers aimed to get us an emotional roller coaster and they succeed in doing it. I was almost choked when watching Tony shut Peter’s mouth with a tight hug and my heart broke a little seeing the “we only have one chance” look Dr. Strange gave Iron Man.

Whatever it takes, one is still better than none. To be honest, the plot is quite easy to predict and we already knew who will be gone. But still, none prepared to see it ended this way. The game began with a snap and “I am inevitable” and it ended with a snap but this time with “I am IRON MAN”. That simple yet classic line marked a game-over and closed a final chapter of MCU, in a thrilling and gargantuan way.

Endgame: A crowd-pleaser or an overwhelmingly epic? 

Though the movies destroyed Box Office records with almost 3 billions dollar, is it a truly overwhelming epic or just a crowd-pleaser with a lot of plot holes and fan service scenes? Endgame brings a good ending but it messed up the MCU timeline. After the snap, Peter still is a student but Cassie is not a kid anymore? And when Black Widow and Clint went to Vomir, no one told them that there’s one person who had to die?!? Well, hello Nebula?!?

To be fair, Endgame is a fitting send-off for Marvel superheroes. It is fan service but it is a kind of fan service we can accept, and obviously, it earned. At least that the ending all MCU Avengers deserves considering it was a finale in form of a 3-hour movie which was built up in 11 years through 22 movies with a lot of characters and storylines. Compare to other cinematic universes, MCU did a great job at making a blockbuster. Avengers now is labeled as Marvel’s saga. It manages to productively deliver an epic story but still can handle to please the crowd. It brings on a good reunion and still nails it at sending an unforgettable farewell.

The Best Four Lines (IMO)

Here are my most favorite lines in the Endgame movie. I love the fact that how short each sentence is yet each creates a huge viral effect. And isn’t it funny that the “I love you 3000” seems meaningless but can become a phenomenon? “Not that it’s a competition but she loves me 3000, you are somewhere in the like, low 6-900s”. Cute! 

MCU: 11 years 22 movies and what’s next? 

Endgame is MCU’s end of an era but it also begins a new chapter. There is still a lot more to tell. In the next movies, we will not have a chance to see our great Stan Lee as a cameo, no more Iron Man, Captain America. And now here comes a new generation of Marvel superheroes. I do hope Dr. Strange will take the lead this time because I love that character, my second bias. It’s hard to predict what’s next as Marvel didn’t reveal much about their upcoming phases. Still, I cannot wait to see how they build up the new saga. 

Avengers Endgame movie soundtrack – Portals – Alan Silvestri:


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