I almost forgot there was a time I want to be a beauty blogger

Previously, I wanna learn English so I started to watch some vlogs on YouTube to improve my English skills. I came across Michelle Phan’s channel – A makeup, beauty channel. She is very famous in the YouTube community, each of her videos has at least 1 million views. And from the initial goal to learn English, I gradually wanna be a make guru after I watched bunches of Michelle’s videos.

Michelle Phan

She is super talented and so inspirational to me, she made me wanna be like her so bad and I tried all the makeup tips, tricks she introduced in her videos. I found joy in makeup, I found joy in making myself beautiful, and then I wanted to make the world beautiful. That’s such a huge dream I had when I was still a student.

Funnily, now, I cannot even be doing make up for myself, I almost forgot the joy of doing makeup. Even when I go out for a big event, applying lipstick is enough for me. But turns out that’s not a bad thing. I am now loving myself just the way I am. I accept all my flaws. But loving myself and loving doing makeup are not the same things. To me, makeup is not only just to make me look greater but it is also a pure joy and a passion in my heart. I love how makeup can make women more confident and powerful, they actually do not need makeup to get that feeling but isn’t it good that there is something they can do to make themselves prettier and feel better?

I am not into makeup that much when I was younger, I am not watching those kinds of videos anymore. But that’s will always be a joy to me to use a brush, mascara, lipstick, and any other makeup tools. The more important lesson I learn now is to accept myself and love myself. We women do not need makeup to cover anything, we need makeup because we want to look greater on crucial occasions and because we respect the people we meet on those occasions. So gorgeous, love yourself, and please don’t stop making yourself better every day!




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