I am quite comfortable being alone. I don’t mind solitude. I do love talking to people and surround myself with people who have the same energy. Even sometimes I am quite sociable. But I also need my own space, I just need some time to recharge.

I always block my Saturday morning and consider it as my me time, just to journal, read, dream a bit and watch some random YouTube videos at a coffee shop, enjoying my iced almond latte. It happens to become a routine, my routine. I am also very okay with solo travel and unexpected trips. I am quite an introvert and content with what I have while working for what I want.

But at the same time. I-hate-being-alone. I think it really sucks to be ended up alone. I love the sense of belonging. I love being loved, cared for, valued, respected, and appreciated.

And although I love taking care of people that I love, making them laugh and happy, and would love to sacrifice and fight for them no matter what, it’s not my responsibility to do that. I think we are (or should) responsible for our own happiness.

So I am really thankful for my solitude, it gives me a sense of self.


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