There are always some good reasons to back to Dalat and to me that’s food


Dalat has never failed me, NEVER. And obviously, there are always a lot of reasons to back to that flower city but to me, the main and the most convincing one is the food, it’s always been FOOD. I know each other has their own reason but I am sure the local food is a huge bonus, you can count on me about this.

Dalat keeps surprising me with the new dishes each year. It’s not because I am a foodie who is easily in love with all kinds of food but it’s because the dishes are actually very delicious. If you still wondering why you should visit Dalat, let me help you quit that in-the-middle-of-two-minds kind of situation by the below list, feel free to check it out!

1. Banh Mi Xiu Mai: Vietnamese Bread with meal balls

Xiu Mai has its origin from China which is called shumai or shaomai. But Banh Mi Xiu Mai is not a version of China dish anymore. In Dalat, the people have localized the dish into a specialty that completely separates it from its origin.

As the name suggests, the meal includes bread and meatballs. The meatballs are served in a small bowl, it looks like a soup but it’s actually a sauce, it tastes a bit salty and that’s why we need bread to eat with. The meatballs, on the other hand, is well-seasoned. Also, you can mix the meatballs bowl with soy sauce or satay sauce, depends on your appetite.

One thing you should notice is the dish is only served in the morning and usually, the street vendors closed at 9 am. Highly recommend you drink the hot soya or try the Dalat yogurt as the dessert for the meal.

Address: 56 Hoang Dieu, Ward 5, Dalat city.

Price: I can’t remember exactly the price but think its around 10-20k/bowl.

2. Avocado ice cream and fresh fruits mixture

“Life is short, eat dessert first”, they said. And in Dalat, it is super true when it comes to two kinds of desserts: Avocado ice cream and fresh fruits mixture. They are signature desserts of the local and I ranked them in my dishes-you-should-try-before-you-die list. You won’t believe me, I know and it’s totally okay, but once you try it in Dalat don’t say that I did not recommend it before, hehe.

Avocado is not only planted in Dalat but the highland is where can offer the best of avocado, therefore, the cream in Dalat probably the best version. It’s a bit greasy but so tasty. Besides avocado ice cream, don’t forget to try fresh fruits mixture, it’s also a must. To me, the highlight of this dessert is the coconut sauce, very greasy, well-balanced of sweet, and salty, and just like the name suggests, it so fresh once it gets into your mouth.

Address: 76 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward 2, Dalat city.

Price: 20k for avocado ice cream and 15k for the mixed fruits.

3. Soft-boiled eggs

A soft-boiled egg is well-known as the traditional morning dish of Singapore but in Dalat, this is also kind of a signature dish of the locals, and, it has some differences from the traditional dish of Singapore.

To be clear, it’s not served with a small hot water bucket that has two eggs inside and you don’t have to wait like 3-5 minutes to get the soft-boiled eggs either. In Dalat, you will be served with two eggs which already boiled and you will use the green liquid salty as the sauce. The dish is kinda simple but it worth the try I think, especially when it comes to a cold-weather place like Dalat, a simple hot dish like this is a must, give it a try and you can thank me later :).

Address: 50 Mimosa Str, Ward 10, Dalat city.

Price: 8k-15k

4. Cheese yogurt

Here we go again, another must-try dessert in Dalat. Yogurt may sound familiar, even cheese yogurt is not a new dish, I know. But cheese yogurt from Dalat is definitely is a new thing. I am saying this not because I am a cheese person or I love cheese. It’s so fair to say cheese yogurt in Dalat is delicious because it…truly is. The mixture of cheese and yogurt is super perfect and well-balanced. Also, the smooth layer is definitely is a bonus for the dish.

Previously, it’s just a cheese yogurt but now you can add some flavors like strawberry, avocado, matcha, or chocolate but I still vote for the original one.

Address: Same as the Cheese yogurt

Price: Same as the Cheese yogurt

5. Beef hotpot

Eating hotpot in a cold Dalat is a bamn, a hooray, a woohoo, or what word ever can describe the victory, the joy. I am not a hotpot person, to be honest, but I myself can’t even resist beef hotpot in Dalat. Of course, it’s not like you are getting a beefsteak plate in a Michelin restaurant but it’s like you get a very good dish that someone has prepared for you when you just got home after work, it’s like a surprise, like so worth the wait.

Besides beef, you can find tofu, radish, and vegetables like Malabar spinach, water spinach, Centella, lettuce. All good ingredients into a good hotpot. The soup is great Enjoy!

One side note, beef in the hotpot is all well-done and it is better to eat well-done beef in a hotpot.

Address: 1/29 Hoang Dieu Str, Dalat city.

Price: 150k for one hotpot (can share for 3 ppl)

6. Banh uot long ga

Here another food you should try in Dalat: Banh uot long ga. I don’t know if there is any English name for the dish but I can say it includes two mains things: Steamed thin rice pancake and internal organs of a chicken (of course all are well done). To eat Banh uot long ga, you have to water the fish sauce on the dish and mix all the ingredients together then just enjoy!

It tastes a bit salty and spicy to me but it’s good. One serving is actually a lot, it’s too much for me as I left almost half of the dish. They serve it in a big bowl like an extra meal.

Address: 15F, Tang Bat Ho Str, Ward 1, Dalat city.

Price: ~30-35k/person.


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